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Tweets About 300: Rise of an Empire

Rhovieee @TOPpuccino Now you see me, Carrie, We're the Millers, The perks of being a wallflower, Meet the Spartans, 300:Rise of an empire po. :D

369 days ago.

Big AL 300 Rise of an Empire was good

369 days ago.

Peachyoncé To watch 12 Years a Slave or watch 300 Rise of an empire Again is the question.

369 days ago.

Tom @LottieMort Yeah, that and biblical epics seem to be making a comeback, much to Mum's delight. Did you see #300RiseOfAnEmpire?

369 days ago.

Marcus 300: Rise of an Empire was a disappointment.. Wasn't awful, but the lengthy anticipation gave high expectations. It was aiiiiiight

369 days ago.

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