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95% positive
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rusteehalo @35Emma35 we saw despicable me 2 in July that's where they saw turbo trailer not seen cloudy with chance of meatballs 2 yet xx

544 days ago.

BiigJamz Despicable Me 2 is tooooo funny, believe I only just watched it.

544 days ago.

DavidJGrimmett This film would be so better if it was just all minions #DespicableMe2 #minions

544 days ago.

miss_staceyb Took my baby to the cinema for the first time today to watch despicable me 2 and he was golden :) #lovefamilydaysout

544 days ago.

love_vannahmae "@edsheeran: I'm in new york. watched despicable me 2 and ate a burger."

545 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig and the Stars of 'Despicable Me 2' in Exclusive Cast Interviews Steve Carell on being a protective dad and how the franchise took off, plus Kristen Wiig on returning as a different character. Plus Miranda Crosgrove, Benjamin Bratt and their best Minion impression. The Most Despicable Animated Villains in Movies 'Despicable Me 2' Roundup: 'Avengers' and DC Comics Minions, Dancing Gru and 'World War M!'