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92% positive
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Applaud_ME Maybe if my Netflix wasn't acting up I could've finished The Last Stand, it was getting good!

463 days ago.

MadManAz Watching The Last Stand starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Once again I went in with low expectations and was quite surprised.

463 days ago.

MvMedeiros19 Wow #TheLastStand was a great movie.

463 days ago.

BrianWCollins @uhnet I think there were about a dozen at the 11pm last night. Last turnout that low was THE LAST STAND.

463 days ago.

GaryYapDotCom Given that it was supposed to be Schwarzenegger's big return to film, 'The Last Stand' was pretty damn underwhelming #FilmFridays

463 days ago.

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Arnold's Ultimate Action Movies WATCH VIDEOS! Arnold's Ultimate Action Movies Watch trailers and promos for Ah-nuld's seven greatest action movies ever. Exclusive Cast Interview Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about why he picked this film to make his starring role return while Johnny Knoxville and company talk about working with the movie icon.