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68% positive
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Bud4Happy @kansaskim88 @TheBeez488 havent seen any of those… He was good in John Grishams Alex Cross Movie

464 days ago.

whopootedo_O “@SinclairSays_: Alex Cross was actually good

464 days ago.

SinclairSays_ Alex Cross was actually good

464 days ago.

_timfromwales That was possibly the worst film I have ever seen #AlexCross

464 days ago.

ManeMarley I done pressed play on alex cross 3 time and aint even watched it 3 mins

465 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Exclusive Cast Interivew Author James Patterson shares his thoughts of Tyler Perry in the title role. Perry on keeping his distance from Matthew Fox, who explains why he didn't read the books.