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94% positive
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jubdeguzman @luilatina i just watched Act like a lady think like a man for laughs but it ended up making me cry #imissyourmanslookalike

448 days ago.

JeremyKincaid3 @KevinHart4real I own "let me explain" just saw "ride along" and cannot wait for "think like a man 2" you are an inspiration kevin!

448 days ago.

MajahneIliya @chels_scotty @tyler_lashaexx & apparently she blamed herself b/c she wasn't always b/c she was filming think like a man 2 & being Mary ..

448 days ago.

kadyyyp Can't believe I never watched Think Like a Man until today.

448 days ago.

OG_SHWAGG "@__miajane: I've watched Roll Bounce. How High. Idle Wild. Think Like a Man. Undercover Brother. Fat Albert. & Life. Today alone." Daym

448 days ago.

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