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96% positive
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an_toine_ee I haven't watched My Neighbor Totoro in a while, this needs to happen. And if there's time, I'll watch From Up on Poppy Hill.

463 days ago.

paulomiguelgab Sometimes I forget how wonderful was it to watch From Up On Poppy Hill.

464 days ago.

DillonWizard It really doesn't get better than Studio Ghibli. From Up On Poppy Hill was excellent.

464 days ago.

Curious_Heather @melaniepinola @tosbourn @kittylainey Melanie, have you seen From Up on Poppy Hill? I watched it the other day and was so confused!

464 days ago.

iotar From Up On Poppy Hill was proper Ghibli magic. Just try to draw provincial realism as good as that & you'll know what I mean.

464 days ago.

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