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Tweets About The Odd Life of Timothy Green

justnayxo The odd life of timothy green was such a cute movie

458 days ago.

destinyheartt I just watched the last part of The odd life of Timothy green omg crying again what to heck

458 days ago.

Johnna_muh_name My parents told me to love. I did just that. I went out of my way to love people that hated me. -TheOddLifeOfTimothyGreen #TearJerker

458 days ago.

roadtomyheart So last night Savon and I cuddled up and watched The Odd Life of Timothy Green and I cried throughout the entire movie.

458 days ago.

jemima_ehren Just watched the odd life of Timothy Green..I can't believe the ending! I can't stop crying..x

458 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Exclusive Cast Interview Jennifer Garner on how this film gets parenting right, Joel Edgerton on mentoring CJ Adams (Timothy Green) on set and Adams talks about the first time he saw his billboard.