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97% positive
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Dengarde On my way to the bank I started making up songs for if Wreck-it Ralph was a musical (as it should have been DISNEY)

451 days ago.

UltimateShade2 ((I literally screamed! It was REALLY close with me in 1st and Wreck-It Ralph in 2nd! Lots of Swarm were put infront of the finish line!))

451 days ago.

kemsies_13 Can we please just acknowledge that the biggest plot twist in movie history was Wreck it Ralph

451 days ago.

Ch1cat Was watching wreck it Ralph and then my mum changed off cus she's in a mood with me lol wtf

451 days ago.

adrianspen Loved Wreck It Ralph so much! #bigkid #dontcare

451 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Exclusive Cast Interview John C. Reilly talks about his similarities with Ralph and Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch chat about their characters and the film.