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76% positive
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Red__Flash The end of resident evil retribution was badass af

449 days ago.

cool_poindexter Just watched Resident Evil : Retribution. 2nd worst film ever...EVER!!!

450 days ago.

ItsTheBAUCE Resident Evil Retribution was one of the worst written films since Leprechaun in the hood.

453 days ago.

Ambrinagrissino @MillaJovovich I was wathcing The resident evil retribution,and i think that you are magnificent!A Kiss and a greeting from your fan Ambra<3

453 days ago.

wolfiehunt @MillaJovovich I wish u were my mom lol sorry but your movie in resident evil retribution caring for that girl was amazing :)

454 days ago.

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Interview Michelle Rodriguez on Cheating Death in 'Resident Evil: Retribution' and Being Kickass Known for her tough roles, Michelle Rodriguez will be rising from the dead in 'Resident Evil: Retribution' and 'Fast Six.' We got to chat with Rodriguez...