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94% positive
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chem077 @ @hwinkler4real Just saw Here Comes The Boom and I like it more every time I see it! #Henrywinklerrules!

457 days ago.

MelissaParrelli Just saw "Here Comes The Boom" ... it was filmed at the old Everett High School. #smallworld #randomfact

457 days ago.

timantz @lamw @discoposse Host was thinking "Oh no, he's got that look in his eye again." and just shut down. #HereComesTheBoom

458 days ago.

sbandy726 @BasRuttenMMA Just watched "Here comes the boom" for thousandth time. Followed your entire pro career. Love ya Bas !!! my hero !!!

458 days ago.

DocGabb Just watched Here comes the boom and Miracle in cell no.7(soo outdated). Awesome marathon. Enough to make a man cry.

458 days ago.