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88% positive
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CarloIsThyName I watched G.I. Joe Retaliation 'coz I thought the internet is not working. Suddenly, there's just a loose wire. #SayangOras

456 days ago.

MVAlawyerTO Finally saw gi joe retaliation. Just wow. Worse than expected. Which was pretty low.

456 days ago.

Spongey444 @FB_BMB @Linkara19 Hell, I'm siding with those who hated it more in GI Joe 2 cuz it was an example of MOS NOT being the only film to do it

456 days ago.

CaptainCalvinCa @FB_BMB G.I. Joe retaliation? I liked it. it is quite a decent movie - but then, I did not care much for the original toy line. ^^

456 days ago.

FB_BMB That said, the destruction of MOS is OTT even for the genre it's in, and exploitative. Unless you saw G.I. Joe 2, not much matches it.

456 days ago.

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