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41% positive
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AmandaEverdeens @breannthrax no, though that one looks worse somehow. it was movie 43.

464 days ago.

mjarvi83 @Brennen_Byrne I've heard Movie 43 was terrible, I'm tempted to watch it just cause of that

464 days ago.

masonmoore04 Movie 43 was soooooo bad, it was legit like an hour long of a bad episode of snl

464 days ago.

BringMeYourL0ve I've probably watched Movie 43 ATLEAST 7 times in the past month

464 days ago.

JoseBuku I'll never know why I actually watched movie 43 lol

464 days ago.

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Movie 43 Peter Farrelly Interview Interview: Director Peter Farrelly The director talks about pushing the envelope and what Halle Berry did with her breasts and guacamole for a laugh.