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Tweets About Bully

SteveComeau13 @ethangodfrey1 Are you talking about the documentary Bully? I watched it the other night on Netflix and it really got to me, it was deep.

463 days ago.

genette29 @vrivnvdvvis what was that movie we were talking about!? When the girl got bully I want to see if it's on netflix

463 days ago.

justinsxslut I just watched the movie cyber bully and it's actually really upsetting to know that people are going through that! It's horrible

463 days ago.

Honey_Mahoganyy Watched the Ant Bully and I must admit that's an amazing movie

463 days ago.

jojotoo3 So about the play,Pressure, it was very self-help video meets Bully the movie meets depressing documentary. There needed to be more songs

463 days ago.