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90% positive
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michellecabralx Life of pi was such an amazing movie. I can't stop thinking about it.

448 days ago.

cup0fsunshine I've never watched life of pi have I missed out on life

448 days ago.

smee317 @olimcdowell armed only with a kit kat and Life of Pi on DVD. Caz came to pick me up from Winton, but for a time my life was in the balance

448 days ago.

KyraPick I just watched Life Of Pi again with my dad, it's such a beautiful film

448 days ago.

alex_n_j Watched Life of Pi. Now all I want is to talk with @MateoPequeno about it.

448 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Exclusive Cast Interviews Director Ang Lee talks about adapting the book into a 3D film while star Suraj Sharman talks about taking on the role and Lee as his mentor. More Films on Fandango's Award Watch An inside look at Hollywood's race to the Oscars!