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96% positive
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aaronjeo Just watched Django Unchained for the first time--So Tarantino!

455 days ago.

Pearceyy96 “@Josh_Beare: Finally watched Django Unchained... One of the best films I've ever seen!” YES MATE!!

455 days ago.

libbyeaton96 Ok so I just watched Django Unchained... I WANNA CRY ITS SO GOOD

455 days ago.

HEPresSJP I was skeptical at first. Thought it would be Django Unchained Pt 3 but it's proper shem. A 7. “@KabeloPule: 12 Years A Slave. Gripping.”

455 days ago.

Josh_Beare Finally watched Django Unchained... One of the best films I've ever seen!

455 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Exclusive Cast Interview Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington on their favorite costumes, Christoph Waltz on how the story evolved and Walter Goggins on the magic of Tarantino. Tarantino Talks DiCaprio, How Will Smith Almost got Django Role & Thoughts on Retirement In advance of the release for his upcoming film, Django Unchained, writer/director Quentin Tarantino sat down to chat about Leonardo DiCaprio as a villain, how Will Smith almost got the Django role and his thoughts on retirement. Holiday Movie Guide More Films on Fandango's Awards Watch