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85% positive
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Umbalakada 47 ronin! Not bad! Actually it was quite awesome XD

456 days ago.

nightdreamer 47 Ronin was not terrible. Miscast, maybe, and Keanu was superfluous, but it's not the 'anti-fun' the reviews make it.

456 days ago.

Aeracher Was so close to watching 47 Ronin-- /sighs

456 days ago.

Cervantes_ @The_Superhuman_ So you're responsible for the music in that 47 Ronin trailer! Was wondering who it was when it launched. Love it.

456 days ago.

imyanabelarma Watched 47 ronin with earl and cea kaninaaaa haha

456 days ago.

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Exclusive Cast and Crew Interview Exclusive Cast and Crew Interview Fandango sits down with the cast and crew of '47 Ronin.' Exclusive: 47 Ronin - Red Carpet Premiere Fandango offers an exclusive look at the red carpet world premiere of '47 Ronin' in Tokyo, Japan.