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Tweets About Wild Horse, Wild Ride

ohfeistygirl @horseflynawall I don't think a 1:45 min movie is supposed to take 2:45 min to watch but Wild Horse Wild Ride was so good I kept rewinding.

482 days ago.

nsearchofaperch Saw a movie Wild Horse Wild Ride last night and it was so sweet and inspiring! #wildhorsewildride

524 days ago.

eventingmum Watched Wild Horse Wild Ride docu about 100 day extreme mustang challenge. Good watch,enjoyed it.

524 days ago.

lindseyviera I just watched an awesome documentary on Netflix. For any horse lovers out there "Wild Horse Wild Ride". Truly amazing.

534 days ago.

AmyDozier1979 Jayne, you gotta watch 'Wild Horse Wild Ride'. It made me cry several times. I was alone. Happy tears though. Netflix.

536 days ago.

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