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77% positive
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JimmyDrama "The Conjuring" was a pretty good horror film on demonic possession, James Wan scores another hit, Bravo!!

463 days ago.

sarah_walavich @jules723 I've only read Possession, but it is wonderful. Read the book, then see the movie.

463 days ago.

NoelletheNymph if AVHS ASB were to host a scary movie night would ppl rather see The Woman In Black, Possession, or The Last Exorcism?

464 days ago.

Soul_Dignified First "possession" movie I've watched where a rabbi was called in to do the exorcism. #ThePossession

464 days ago.

bonniequigley Devils Due was good, sick of possession films that are hand recorded by a newly wed couple though. Need a good serial killer film out asap

464 days ago.