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67% positive
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AINEGANDAKOKASI Watched this pa sa cinema non. I thought twas scary okaya masuspense. Grabe comedy pala siya. Hahahaha. #Piranha3DD

367 days ago.

roloshirt @KristianHarloff what was worse piranha 3dd, the last airbender or batman and robin?

368 days ago.

jaimeburchardt @JacqValencia @NextProjection I'm bummed this is from John Gulager. I love FEAST with all my heart but hated PIRANHA 3DD.

368 days ago.

MilesNicole26 Just watched #Piranha3DD. Most violent movie I've watched so far! Lmao. But, seriously...

369 days ago.

SwenglishKid Thought piranha 3D was the worst film of all time, I stand corrected... Just seen piranha 3DD

369 days ago.

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