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73% positive
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_Olisa Elysium was a nonsense movie.

543 days ago.

thin_white_duke @sanjmovies Saw Trek and disliked. Really liked Elysium. Will see The Hobbit.

543 days ago.

DarylSurat Was looking at Elysium IMDB thinking "what's William Fichtner up to?" so I clicked his profile. D'oh, kinda wish I didn't know that up front

543 days ago.

JEYZZIKA Elysium was so thrilling and heart-wrenching at the same time I cried omfg

543 days ago.

ChrisBrightmma @BrandonAuret haha just another grumpy old man staring back at him. Watched Elysium bro, very proud :-)

543 days ago.

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