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Tweets About The Details

Melinaa_8 'The Details' with Toby Maguire is a strange movie, but I liked it.

481 days ago.

jessiblah The Details is a brilliant movie. Tobey Maguire was excellent (as to be expected). I recommend you watch it - but not with your parents.

489 days ago.

sexwolf94 I saw The Details so it's pretty much been scientifically proven that I will watch anything with Tobey Maguire in it

497 days ago.

_samuelgin just watched The Details (Tobey Maguire/Elizabeth Banks) on Netflix. Strange series of events.

523 days ago.

9and10News 9&10 News @ 5 #TCMI Mayor Michael Estes was in court today. He entered a guilty plea to impaired driving. @MarisaMcKay910 has the details.

536 days ago.

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