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70% positive
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The_Ruffians For some reason I want to see The Master again (even though I saw it on Sunday). I thought I told myself it wasn't P.T Anderson's best movie

449 days ago.

Dale_LaRay #GameofDeath was the only #BruceLee Movie, I didn't like... it wasn't The Master!!!

450 days ago.

TJBlake93 Watched Hitchcock (2012) A great film about the master of suspense. Bought back film studies memories #hitchcock #psycho

450 days ago.

Cwest58 Watching The Master Of Disguise for the first time since I was little and I almost forgot how funny this movie is

451 days ago.

Katie_Frazier11 Finally watched The Master. Such a brilliant movie

451 days ago.

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The Frontrunners - Amy Adams The Frontrunners - Amy Adams Fandango's Chief Correspondent Dave Karger interviews Amy Adams about her film 'The Master' in this episode of 'The Frontrunners.' More Films on Fandango's Awards Watch An inside look at Hollywood's race to the Oscars!