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81% positive
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ImFreekyy Going to watch World War Z latah

457 days ago.

LittleBigOkey Just watched World War Z and I got to say it was pretty cool :3

457 days ago.

JennaRutan Forcing my brother to watch world war Z bc he's afraid of zombies

457 days ago.

iCyrusStyles world war z looks crazy af

457 days ago.

McKelvie @EwaSR I hated world war Z.

457 days ago.

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Blog Post 'World War Z' Round-Up: Extended Clip, Max Brooks Talks About Adaptation Plus... a Zombie Cat? Time to hit the theaters and watch Brad Pitt take on zombies! We've packed this World War Z roundup with an extended clip, interviews wtih director Marc Forester and author Max Brooks, specialty posters and even a zombie cat! Chuck Liddell breaks down the action we have to look forward to in 'World War Z.' Countdown to the Dead: The Top 10 Zombie Movies Three Ways 'World War Z' Is Nothing Like the Book and That's Okay