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64% positive
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Pat_DOL I'm surprised people said Man of Steel was bad, the fighting sequences were so good and it had a pretty good plot idk

457 days ago.

zfe001 Lol @amyadams_fans was on Smallville for like one episode... 10 years later she is Louis Lane in #manofsteel #ironic

457 days ago.

FrankieRomer Why was man of steel so bad!!!! It had all the makings of a record breaking blockbuster

457 days ago.

IanMenard Then, after Man of Steel was over, he watched All-Star Superman on demand.

457 days ago.

emryslock @ThatWasntJustMe oh maybe he did some old superman stuff but i was talkin bout man of steel

457 days ago.

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Photo Gallery The Many Suits of Superman Here are 20 of the most memorable costumes worn by the Man of Steel. Exclusive Cast Interview Henry Cavill on the biggest surprise about the cast, Amy Adams on how Lois Lane is different, Michael Shannon on working a big budget movie and getting angry, plus Russell Crowe on playing Jor-El. When Can I Watch 'Man of Steel' With My Kids? We break down the best films to see with your father this Father's Day!