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77% positive
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liferuinrs Finished my hws and watched premium rush ;u; it was good

457 days ago.

MuseNattanaree Amazing Saturday was completed with one movie (Premium Rush) and one cub of cocoa~

457 days ago.

kaeshaaa Thought Premium Rush was boring but I got super hooked while watching. Crazy movie, I loved it!

457 days ago.

LexandriahIrwin I thought Premium Rush was a boring movie...

457 days ago.

ZeiGeronimo Premium Rush was such a damn good movie ♥

457 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Exclusive Cast Interview Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Dania Ramirez give us a run-down of their injuries and talk about working with the bike messaging community. Cine Latino: 'Premium Rush' Star Dania Ramirez, on Being a Latina in Hollywood The Dominican actress talks about 'Rush', being a role model for young Latinas, her recent collaboration with Voto Latino, and playing a maid in 'Devious Maids'.