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88% positive
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LetThereBeFood If I was a girl dating the wolverine, him fingering me would be the scariest moment of my life.

561 days ago.

meg_seifferly "The wolverine was long thought to be a cross between a bear and a wolf. Science reveals now that it is only a giant weasel." #MSU

561 days ago.

dfberger23 I was talking to my friend Ralph the wolverine. He thinks Michigan needs a name change too ugh

561 days ago.

liamburns94 We nearly watched The Wolverine in a cafe last night at about 4 but I wouldn't put it to the start because I've watch that bit so we didn't.

561 days ago.

WhiteWolf_Em @TinnaAres bought myself a top this morning finally found the wolverine one i was after and saved £5 :) xxx

561 days ago.

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