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89% positive
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Cosmic_Niall My dad just asked who Eleanor Tomlinson was and I did a 360 but she's actually an actress in jack the giant slayer wow I'm a spaz

451 days ago.

StevieDlufc I just watched Jack the Giant Slayer and I really enjoyed it; it was awesome!

451 days ago.

_aiIee “@daebxk: Well Jack the Giant Slayer was pointless -_-” coughs Nicholas Hoult though

451 days ago.

daebxk Well Jack the Giant Slayer was pointless -_-

451 days ago.

brad8280 Jack the Giant Slayer firstly I don't really get wither this was suppose to be dark or campy family fun as there are elements of each

451 days ago.

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Interview 1:1 with Nicholas Hoult Exclusive Cast Interview Ewan McGregor and Stanley Tucci share a laugh over mo-cap while Nicholas Hoult and Eleanor Tomlinson chat about their adventures in our exclusive interview from London. Set Visit: Get Ready for Giant Feats of Cutting-Edge FX Poll: You Choose Your Five Favorite Ewan McGregor Movies