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94% positive
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star_momma Also, Olivia Wilde is ridiculously hot and fun in this. Can she do comedy for always? #Butter

457 days ago.

wilde @Afl2277 Unusual on the veggie front! Butter is the fave here, or anything milky/creamy.

458 days ago.

Afl2277 @wilde I had one cat loved butter and another would eat cucumber and onion. Nothing was safe. But she was half wild so understandable :)

458 days ago.

Kaylin_McK @TulipsandHockey omg I love Butter! Jennifer Garner is surprisingly funny!

460 days ago.

JenferLizbeth Olivia Wilde could have been completely cut out of the movie, but #Butter was generally enjoyable and had a nice message

464 days ago.

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