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BePolishOLLG I was out there on the road Life out of control She became a victim to my busy schedule TO MI CAŁY CZAS CHODZI PO GŁOWIE Z BELIEVE MOVIE

464 days ago.

leekyluvsU Them two niqquhs was fighting on the road soo i hadda run out there and watch the movie.

464 days ago.

AashishUpreti @smartbjk that is horrible movie.. it was so heart breaking when the car couldnt move due corpses on the road #HotelRwanda #Africa

464 days ago.

jmckoy12 First movie on the road was in Louisiana.

466 days ago.

TrailLag 30mins fartlek out on the road tonight, dodging the rain, day 23/31 #31in31~ then watched #Rush~ what a great film #oldschool

466 days ago.

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