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76% positive
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CrvenMoorehead Damn you Tom Cruise! Oblivion was actually decent.

464 days ago.

benlakey It’s been a few months since I saw the Oblivion movie and I still think it’s one of the better movies I’ve seen recently. Left a mark.

464 days ago.

G20Stripes Just watched Oblivion, starring Tom Cruise...Wow what a good movie, great sci-fi plot, really genuinely impressed, 10/10 would recommend

464 days ago.

NiyiAkeredolu Oblivion was probably the 2nd best movie I've watched in he past 2 years!

464 days ago.

NotAnotherBelle Oblivion was a terrible movie. But I guess that's what happens when tom cruise tries to act.

464 days ago.

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Photo Gallery Tom Cruise & The Ultimate Director Co-Pilots We take a journey through Tom Cruise's 30+ year career and his ultimate director team-ups. Fandango's Chief Correspondent, Dave Karger, quizzes Cruise. Fandango's Chief Correspondent, Dave Karger, quizzes Cruise on his past roles and chats about his upcoming film, Oblivion. 10 Reality-Warping Sci-Fi Endings