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nikki_szymanski i'm just going to admit that i did cry during breaking dawn 2 bc i was sad when the wolves died and i'm sad that was the last movie, ever.

457 days ago.

AyyYouGetNoLove I lightweight wish that the ending of breaking dawn 2 was the same as the book. Or at least they should've did the alt ending on DVD!!!!

457 days ago.

J_MichaelPhotog All along I believed I would find you Time has brought your heart to me I have loved you for a thousand years #movienight #breakingdawn

457 days ago.

sunshineswifts @oopssara remember when we saw breaking dawn 2 and we cried remember renesmees ugly bracelet from Jacob and zafrina omg

457 days ago.

LuCaSLeDaIn Watched both #twilight #BreakingDawn movies back 2 back. Now I'm sad there's no more :'( #twilightsaga #TheTwilightSaga Looooooooovvvee it!!

457 days ago.

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