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77% positive
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kristapley @AwardsDaily I never boarded the Social Network locomotive. Was always all in with King's Speech, as I subscribe to your split logic.

450 days ago.

hydratefitness Plans to watch The King's Speech today. Was advised to really pay attn to Lionel. Have u seen it? What do u think about it? #bemorecoaching

450 days ago.

RoseColorado Re-reading Marin Luther King's speech! Gosh that man was a visionary! SO much respect for him !

450 days ago.

vickimichelle74 Took me long enough, but I finally watched The King's Speech. #Excellent

450 days ago.

rachelpriebe J-j-just watched The King's.......Speech

450 days ago.

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Exclusive Cast Interviews Exclusive Cast Interviews Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter and director Tom Hooper all talk about their Academy Award winning movie.