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97% positive
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fellipech @ItSoundsThaay no, The Croods, I started saw the movie with her, but I fall sleep and I talked to her “we finish tomorrow” but….. hahahaha.

463 days ago.

kateyrich @rilaws I just watched 30 minutes of the croods in solidarity

463 days ago.

Sheik22_94 @TaylorRyanSmith Croods was pretty hard to sit through too. #tearjerker

463 days ago.

TaylorRyanSmith @Sheik22_94 It's ok. The croods was that kids movie about cavemen. Lol I shouldn't be tweeting when I should be sleeping.

463 days ago.

TaylorRyanSmith “@Sheik22_94: Wow, Lone Survivor.. Tough one to sit through, but GREAT MOVIE.” That was the croods Abby..

463 days ago.

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