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vc_wg @nyknicks @JillMartin What was it like to work with the Oogieloves?

454 days ago.

SamuelMahoney2 @FoggleAR I saw an Oogieloves clip with Christopher LLoyd. Will he appear in ANYTHING for money? It looked terrible.

459 days ago.

SamuelMahoney2 @FoggleAR I mean Rollergator was cinematic water torture. Oogieloves will have to go some to top that.

459 days ago.

German_Killua @TheSpoonyOne "i was in back to the future and now...oogieloves..my career is dead.Frozen.Today"

461 days ago.

TheSpoonyOne Huh. Apparently Oogieloves was 2012. Whatever. Do you know how goddamn hard it was to even FIND a theater screening the Oogieloves?

461 days ago.