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68% positive
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Power_Lloyd @48ONIRAM I think No Country was their last great film. I disliked Burn After Reading, but True Grit and Llewyn Davis were very very good.

483 days ago.

___carolyn I first saw #NeverLetMeGo & #TrueGrit on the same day. That was some day for double bills. Shan't forget that. Only just rewatched it now...

483 days ago.

3peas2pods @ReaPeterJackson Hello MR. Jackson, I have been a follower of yours ever since I saw your Meet The Feebles, it was true grit.

483 days ago.

d_westbury @TinsonDtinson It was a nice surprise seeing the true grit one though had to snap that up...

483 days ago.

klayton_kjkk04 @HaileeSteinfeld I thought I saw something-were u really on True Grit?

484 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Video Cast Interviews Jeff Bridges, Josh Brolin and Barry Pepper talk about speaking "Western Shakerspeare" in the Coen Bros. western while Hailee Stienfeld talks about bossing Bridges and Matt Damon around.