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sherwanliddell @kristen_stewart I am your biggest fan and I watched all of your movies such as twilight,newmoon,eclipse,and,breakingdawn pt1and2

178 days ago.

TWBC_Museum @History_Pics @MSkvarla36 - I saw that eclipse from Is of Scilly - view shows how cloudy that day was, but had a break in cloud there.

179 days ago.

guimansin @Dan2552 have you use it? I saw it some time ago with a friend and ended up using #java because of app designer on #eclipse and jar support

179 days ago.

luhanfrvr "The eclipse on their teasers symbolizes that the sun and moon united that's why the boys would shout WE ARE ONE!" Wow I just saw this.

179 days ago.

Natalie__05 Lmfao the drive thru worker at McDonald's just complimented me and Derek's harmonizing to Total Eclipse of the Heart & then watched us sing

179 days ago.

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Exclusive Premiere Coverage! New: Exclusive Premiere Coverage! The black carpet premiere took place in downtown L.A. and Fandango was there with Kristen, Robert and Taylor! Join the Twihard Community on Fandango! Crazy for the Cullens? Whether you're siding with Switzerland, Team Jacob, or the Volturi, don't miss out on the latest discussions and updates on your fave vampire series. Check out the Twilight Saga Fan Site! 100 Days Blog: 10 Things I Learned at the Midnight Opening Show of 'Eclipse' Photo Gallery: An Intro to 'Eclipse'