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81% positive
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Ostfriese26802 Also ich finde den Film #Battleship genial

463 days ago.

arinaAMBARITA film Battleship tadi bener-bener keren dan mengharukan :) ( i think )

463 days ago.

colin_a_p I try not to disrespect my elders, but my dad watched Battleship for the third time this morning.

463 days ago.

trumpadump44 Watched Battleship with my dad.. It was good as all hell #wouldwatchagain #sogood #battleship

463 days ago.

mitch_liv I just watched battleship and now I want to join the navy and shoot aliens and stuff

463 days ago.

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Interview Battleship: Exclusive Interview: Part 1 Taylor Kitsch talks about sharks in the water, Rihanna on her training and Alex Skarsgard on his military background. Win Movie Tickets for Five Years! Enter now for your chance to win five years' worth of movie tickets. Battleship: A Visit with Peter Berg Battleship Set Visit: Part 1