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84% positive
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erock1211 @Grace_IsGone i watched a movie last week called Solomon Kane. It was really good. If you find a movie IMDB it too. Lol.

448 days ago.

FrancisVonWhite watched The Arrow... watched Solomon Kane... What now lol?

448 days ago.

Katydid1979 @hugheschris30 @mortimer_iris I love Solomon Kane! Lost count of how many times I've watched it. Enjoyed The Following also :)

450 days ago.

philpy3 @JamesPurefoy any news on a #solomonkane sequel? #solomonkane was amazing

450 days ago.

minute5072 @Tigervamp aye same here, went to the dark souls/solomon kane one last year which was really good but couldn't make the empty

452 days ago.

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