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_Norabora_ "The extra virgin olive oil, was extra flammable"

463 days ago.

carol_dow @Chickadiddle tell Faye Aunty Carol watched 'dadadalalalal circus dadallalalal afro. Loved it #madagascar3 #iliketomoveitmoveit

467 days ago.

sandyondabeat_ 3, u haven't watched em?"@TheRealKayM: Should I watch Despicable me or Madagascar 3 Europe Most Wanted. So concfused («_<)"

470 days ago.

MelodySayWhat Finally saw #Madagascar3. BEST one!!!!!

474 days ago.

_dolloftheyear Was flipping thru the channels and seen that #Madagascar3 was on! :) So Im going to watch it! Lol. Those animals are so freaking funny.

477 days ago.

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