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86% positive
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alla_bama temptation by tyler perry was sad but sawlit .

465 days ago.

Ayysia_Ashley I just saw Tyler Perry Temptation for the first time. Crazy movie!

465 days ago.

misszoeeee Temptation was Tyler Perry's best movie. Hands down.

465 days ago.

Kiela_k @TheRobbieJones Just watched Tyler perry's Temptation i must say i learn alot !!

466 days ago.

TiffaniNichelle That movie temptation made me OD mad I read the book and the movie was really nothing like it.Tyler perry always tryna make something gospel

467 days ago.

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Interview Exclusive Interview: Tyler Perry Tyler Perry chats about retiring Madea, traditional romance movies, working with Kim Kardashian and if his new film makes a good date movie.