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78% positive
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tweets_To_Know A chimpanzee named Santino was known to collect rocks and pieces of concrete in the hour before his exhibit opened. Come showtime, he...

463 days ago.

duncantreanor Just seen a chimpanzee wearing shorts and a t-shirt and drinking tea... I guess Darwin was right then

463 days ago.

EmmaSpoonley Last night I believed that there was a purple dragon that changed colours mood dependant and a chimpanzee called bonzo in frozen @Elle_Sca

463 days ago.

MentalQuinn @FannyBriceBerry Finn saw that picture of you and Jesse and started screaming like a chimpanzee and jumped through an open window

463 days ago.

damionacke There was a chimpanzee who drank gin & tonic, and masturbated to porn.

464 days ago.

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