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77% positive
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MayySami Loved hearing you guys yell "YOU ARE A GOD, please take me home" tonight. You make my job worth it

457 days ago.

Ice_Speedway Just watched 'Take me home tonight' - another cracking film I'd heard nothing about before today! #cinema #eighties #film

467 days ago.

ksangris7 One day, I want to meet @mrdanfogler you're hilarious in Take Me Home Tonight and the other movies I watched you in. You're awesome!

470 days ago.

flb24 Watching Take Me Home Tonight really takes me back to the brown house days when we watched it almost daily

470 days ago.

saraw1386 How had I not already watched Take Me Home Tonight before today? It's making me laugh.

470 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Exclusive Cast Interviews Topher Grace, Teresa Palmer, Dan Fogler and Chris Pratt talk about what they miss the most from the 80s. "Don't You Want Me" 80s Movie Tribute The cast of "Take Me Home Tonight," act out scenes from iconic 80s movies. Can you name all of them?