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27% positive
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anncice Yes I did watch Blue Valentine. Again. And damn this was as breath taking as the first time.

568 days ago.

caitlindryburgh blue valentine is such a sad film, cried for 2 hours straight after i watched it

568 days ago.

LorenitaChilena why is @RyanGosling so amazing? he needs to stop. #BlueValentine

568 days ago.

kevin_nkcc Is Blue Valentine a good movie?

568 days ago.

HanaOcta Just watched Blue Valentine. Really blue one. (˘̩̩̩~˘̩̩̩ƪ)

568 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Video Cast Interviews Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams and writer/director Derek Cianfrance talk about shooting a raw movie and adjusting the characters to a six year time lapse.