By redlinewinter
Written August 25, 2013
Thoroughly enjoyable.
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Awful, terrible, disgusting movie!!

By DrGrauman
Written May 24, 2015
If movie theaters would measure assistance in miles, I would be over a million. So, let me tell you that this is the NUMBER 1. The worst movie I have ever seen. I am still trying to figure it out if this is a joke or is it a market research, where producers are trying to show that putting together well known actors in a terrible movie, the theaters will still sell a lot and they will make high profits of it. So, please, if you have nothing better to do, just turn on your TV or go to watch a bad movie, which I am sure will be better that this piece of crap, and forgive my French. Good luck!
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By SentinelAngel
Written May 24, 2015
Wow! How much did they pay these good actresses to be in this film? The movie trailer looked funny, but when we went to watch the movie, we were ready to leave after the first skit! We stayed in hoping that it would get better, but OMG it only got worse! Scenes were very disgusting and disturbing! Poop on me? WHAT??? Balls hanging from his neck?? Okay, need I say more?? Words cannot even described how horrible this film was! SAVE YOUR MONEY!
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Worst movie EVER!!!

By margaretflood99
Written June 30, 2016
Disgusting, lower order, 9 year old boy humor. I don't know how they got those stars to participate in that level of putrid ****. We walked out and would like our money back.
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I think you either love it or hate it....

By Paulwmcd
Written September 01, 2015
Movie 43 was funny... really funny in parts, so funny in fact that at one point I spit a raisinette across the theater. This movie is like a series of SNL shorts that went so over the top they had to move them to the big screen. Just like SNL shorts, they are either a hit or a miss and their accuracy really depends on your type of humor. Very cleaver and interesting concept, not sure how it actually got pitched and made it to film, but I think overall the experiment will last as a cult hit.
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