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A dozen directors contributed to this collection of outrageous tales and spoofs.
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Salute your Shorts!

By MedRed
Movie 43 is the result of actors and actresses getting together to have fun without caring what the critics think. This movie has no redeeming value other than just being fun! Crass, rude,raunchy,...

Hilarious if you're in the right frame of mind

By pitchfixer
Movie 43 scores huge laughs by showing situations that are improbable and, okay, tasteless. But it does so really well, with an all-star crew of actors. It's definitely not a movie for the...

I loved it!

By cassidy.roberts
I thought this movie was incredibly funny, very unexpected, and offensively clever. You must have a raunchy sense of humor, and love jokes and actions that are offensive to pretty much everyone at...

Movie 43 Review

By Stainless
Unfortunately the funniest parts were already in the movie trailers. I would say watch it if you like raunchy comedy; which I do, but wait for it to come out on video....


By vjason
First time I've ever left before the end of a movie..... I have no problem with raunchy movies, but this was just bad. If SNL had no limits, it would be this movie (a collection of 5-10 minute...

Don't Bother Seeing This Move

By cbbm
Just got back from watching part of "Movie 43", and I cannot warn people strongly enough to stay away from this steaming pile. We left after 15 minutes, which was 14 minutes and 30 seconds longer...

stupid humor. if you go with that in mind, you will laugh

By r342f2f
stupid humor. if you go with that in mind, you will laugh. stay after the credits. theres a gay cat cartoon at the end. its also stupid humor....

A few chuckles

By dgeubank
This movie had a few chuckles throughout, but overall, it was pretty crass. I was not aware that it was a series of short movies within a movie. That was OK, but some of the skits fell flat. As for...


By Philly1018
I left after 35 minutes. I spent $11 which I can work after school and get back. I can't get back time. I chose to spend the rest of the time I would have wasted in that movie at home watching tv....

Movie 43

By joeliz
Without a doubt, the very worst movie I have seen in the past 15 years!!!! Don't waste your money on this movie, I have seen better on reality TV...

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Rated R | For Strong pervasive crude and sexual content including dialogue, graphic nudity, language, some violence and drug use.
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Common Sense Media says Depraved, unfunny anthology comedy wastes tons of talent.
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