What parents need to know

Parents need to know that Movie 43 is a collection of short but over-the-top comedy films (directed by the likes of Peter Farrelly) that are tied together with a wraparound sequence about a writer making a pitch at a Hollywood studio. The content is astoundingly vulgar, loaded with sex (including full-frontal female nudity) and sexual innuendo, depravity, the foulest language imaginable ("f--k," "s--t," and much more), some violence, and drinking and drug use. The film boasts an incredible cast of talented actors and a funny trailer, so teens will no doubt be interested in seeing it. But the situations are so depraved and of a negative nature that any and all potential viewers are hereby warned.
  • Families can talk about Movie 43's sexual situations. Are there any relationships in the movie that could be defined as healthy or positive? What messages does the movie send about sex?
  • Some segments revolve around cruelty to children and teens. Are they funny? Why or why not? Who are they intended to appeal to?
  • In the final sequence, an animated cat is involved in some of the movie's most depraved humor. Does the fact that the cat isn't real affect the impact of those scenes?
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