Zack Snyder Talks '300' Sequel

Or is it a prequel? Ever since 300 jacked-up Spartans went to war against tens of thousands of Persians, director Zack Snyder has never been the same. While the filmmaker is busy prepping his next project, a 1950s-set, all-female action flick called Sucker Punch, he’s definitely still down for a follow-up to the film that kicked the you know what out of the box office.

In speaking with MTV, Snyder admitted that he’s very interested in directing another installment in what could potentially become a 300 franchise (they’d call it 301, perhaps?), so long as Frank Miller is heavily involved. He says, "Frank is definitely working on an idea. If Frank comes up with a great idea and draws something cool, there’s no reason why we wouldn’t make another movie." Great! Wonderful! But considering the fact that (major spoiler ahead) everyone died in the first film, what in the world would the second one be about?

Well, fans of Sparta, remember how at the very end of 300 a voiceover told us that one year later, at Platea, 10,000 Spartan warriors defeated a monstrous Persian force? Also, though not mentioned, another critical battle between the Athenian navy and the Persians took place during that same time. Can you see where I’m heading with this? Yup, the sequel – which sorta takes place within the timeline of 300, but not really – will shine a spotlight on the events that took place during that one year.

Sounds like there’s some room to play around, assuming Miller – who’s busy building his own career behind the camera – takes the time to create a follow-up graphic novel, as that’s the only way Snyder will move ahead with the sequel.

But what do you think? Based on the information above, is there enough room to make a sequel? Would you want one? Or should Snyder focus his energy on other original projects?

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New on DVD 4/6