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Zack Snyder Reveals the First Image of Ben Affleck As Batman, Plus: See the New Batmobile

While there isn't a new superhero movie out this week, that doesn't mean the superhero-movie news comes to a halt. Quite the contrary, as multiple superhero movies continually jockey for a prime slot at the top of your most anticipated lists. Next up to the plate is Zack Snyder, who's currently in the midst of production on Man of Steel 2, aka Batman vs. Superman. The director decided to kick things up a notch at the start of the week by tweeting our first look at Ben Affleck's Batmobile from the upcoming movie, due in theaters on May 6, 2016, as well as a pic of the Bat-fleck himself in the newly designed suit.


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This should be enough to send Bat fans into a bit of a tizzy. So, what can we gather from this tiny sneak peek? For starters, Affleck looks bigger and bulkier than Christian Bale did, with a definite weathered appearance. Here's a brighter version of the image above, via Screenrant.


Honestly, his Batman doesn't look like he wants to be Batman. Like it's defeating him. But maybe we're reading into it a bit much. Meanwhile, his Batmobile seems more in line with the one from Tim Burton's movies than Nolan's movies. Sleeker and sexier.

Here's an image of Christian Bale in the suit to compare.


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