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Your Ten: Favorite Films of 2010

By now you’re probably sick to death of top ten lists. After all, this is that time of year where every critic and pundit doles out their top ten movies of the year list – explaining why this film ranked higher or lower than that film – and all you get to do is sit there and take it all in. Well, we’re changing that up here at Fandango, and this year we want to know what your top ten of 2010 looks like.

No doubt you’ve spent countless hours here at Fandango reading our blog posts and picking up movie tickets, so you’re definitely savvy enough to cough up your own top ten list. It may look similar to other year-end lists, or it may look completely different – either way, you like what you like, and no matter how many people may feel differently, you should never feel obligated to “like” a movie just because a lot of other people like it. Film, while usually enjoyed in a theater with many other people, is a very personal experience that changes with each movie you devour.
So take a look over the films you saw this year, and let us know your top ten in the comments section below. I’ll get things started by sharing with you my top ten of 2010 …
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