You Rate the New Releases: Give Us Your Thoughts on 'Prometheus' and 'Madagascar 3'

After all the hype, unanswered questions and Alien franchise viewings in your living room leading up to release, Ridley Scott's Prometheus finally unleashed its creepy, mysterious self over the weekend. But did it have enough high-tech weaponry and nerdy ideas to beat that little animated movie working on its third installment? The answer to that is ...

... no. Prometheus ($50 million) just barely lost out at the box office to Madagascar 3 ($60.4 million), but its second-place finish is nothing to scoff at. For an R-rated sci-fi film in the thick of the summer movie season, that's a fine opening, and hopefully it'll be enough to get us that sequel so some of the film's many questions can be answered. 

As for Madagascar 3, that film deserves a few high-fives as well. Not only did it come out victorious at the box office, but it also found itself in rare company as one of the few threequels that does great at the box office, as well as with critics. In fact, Madagascar 3 and its 76% Fresh rating over at Rotten Tomatoes just barely beat out Prometheus' 74% Fresh rating, making it the definitive weekend winner with both the box office and critical acclaim. 

You know where I'm going with this, though, right? Yup, now we want to know which one was your favorite. Not just that, but what were your thoughts for each of the weekend's new releases? Did you like Prometheus, or were there too many unanswered questions? What about Madagascar 3 -- is it truly this summer's best threequel?

Sound off below with your thoughts!

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